Trump University Marketing 101

How to Use the Most Powerful Ideas in Marketing to Get More Customers
By Don Sexton

John Wiley & Sons

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ISBN: 978-0-470-45307-0

Chapter One

Trump on Marketing

Donald Trump

I believe passionately in my products and the high quality I provide my customers. That is the foundation for all my marketing. That passion should be the foundation for anyone in marketing. You must truly believe in your product and its ability to satisfy your customers if you are going to succeed in marketing.

Ultimately, marketing always starts with a product. Rarely will you see someone market something really well that is not a good product. The best advice for anybody looking to do a good job in marketing is to have a good product. It makes your life a whole lot easier.

You need a great product-one that your customers want and will pay for. I think a great example of marketing is what I did with The Apprentice. From a show that everyone said would not be on the air long, I made it the number one show on television. I had a product I believed in and I marketed it. How do you make a strong product? A lot of it is in the details, and a lot of it is in the quality-whether it is super high-end or low-end. Attention to details really can make the difference.

You build great products by paying attention to all the details that customers care about. Some people seem to confuse marketing with promotion. I recently built a $300 million building. It was very tough to build because I needed zoning changes, I needed financing, I needed the construction, I needed to make deals with unions-I had to go through all of this. I ended up building something that was a great success and everybody said, "Oh, what a great promotion job he did." It had nothing to do with promotion. The project became a success because it was a great building. Many people who do not know me think that I am a great promoter, but the fact is that what I do best is build. I build a great product and then it sells and everyone gives me credit for being a good promoter. To me, a great promoter is a person who can take a piece of garbage and sell it. That's not me. I build really high-quality buildings. I think I do well in promotion because I start with a great product.

I see many people who do things wrong in marketing. I know one developer who can never understand why I get so much more per square foot than he does. He just finished this building where he has tiny little windows and a terrible color brick. It is an unattractive building both from the outside looking in and the inside looking out. And he goes around telling people he does not understand why Trump gets higher prices than he does. The guy doesn't have a clue. The mistakes in marketing often have to do with mistakes in the product.

Your brand is your reputation-and comes from the strength of your products over time. Branding is an important part of marketing. The Trump brand stands for very high quality and very high confidence. People feel secure in the brand. That's why my building in Las Vegas is so successful. Other builders are not doing well and I am doing very well.

Because of the Trump brand, people buy in my buildings without ever having seen the units. They don't do that with other builders. My customers know the building is going to be the highest quality, the best architecture, and the best location.

A strong brand gives customers confidence-and leads to higher prices and higher demand. Great marketers are born with a marketing instinct. Although I have known people who developed into good marketers, I think that, like an athlete, it helps to be born with a marketing sense. If you don't have that intuition, you'll never be great in marketing. You can make yourself good, but you'll never make yourself great.

You have in your hands a powerful introduction to all the most important ideas in marketing from a top marketing professor and consultant. If you do not have that marketing instinct, this book will help you learn it-and become a good marketer. If you were lucky enough to be born with it, this book will help you become a great marketer. Read on!


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