The Theory of Corporate Finance

By Jean Tirole

Princeton University Press

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All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-691-12556-5

Chapter One

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Frontmatter Acknowledgements Introduction Overview of the Field and Coverage of the Book Approach Prerequisites and Further Reading Some Important Omissions References

I. An Economic Overview of Corporate Institutions 1. Corporate Governance 2. Corporate Financing: Some Stylized Facts

II. Corporate Financing and Agency Costs 3. Outside Financing Capacity 4. Some Determinants of Borrowing Capacity 5. Liquidity and Risk Management, Free Cash Flow, and Long-Term Finance 6. Corporate Financing under Asymmetric Information 7. Topics: Product Markets and Earnings Manipulations

III. Exit and Voice: Passive and Active Monitoring 8. Investors of Passage: Entry, Exit, and Speculation 9. Lending Relationships and Investor Activism

IV. Security Design: The Control Right View 10. Control Rights and Corporate Governance 11. Takeovers

V. Security Design: The Demand Side View 12. Consumer Liquidity Demand

VI. Macroeconomic Implications and the Political Economy of Corporate Finance 13. Credit Rationing and Economic Activity 14. Mergers and Acquisitions, and the Equilibrium Determination of Asset Values 15. Aggregate Liquidity Shortages and Liquidity Asset Pricing 16. Institutions, Public Policy, and the Political Economy of Finance

VII. Answers to Selected Exercises, and Review Problems (2MB Excerpt) Answers to Selected Exercises Review Problems Answers to Selected Review Problems



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