Ghana, 5th

By Briggs, Philip

Bradt Travel Guides

Copyright © 2010 Briggs, Philip
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9781841623252

INTERACTING WITH GHANAIANS Ghana has the reputation as the friendliest country in west Africa, a title that is patently absurd, but certainly not unjustified. Taken as a whole, Ghanaians do seem to be remarkably affable and friendly both among themselves and in their dealings with tourists, and I find it difficult to think of any other African country where I felt so safe or unhassled. First-time visitors to Africa or at least those with a white skin, may be surprised at the amount of attention they draw by virtue of their conspicuous foreignness – symptoms of which range from having every passing taxi in Accra blare its horn at you to being greeted by mobs of exuberant children chanting obruni as you walk past. At times, this can be exhausting, but I cannot recall an incident of this type that was underscored by anything approaching malice.


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